Computer Solutions of Massachusetts

Based in America’s home town, Plymouth, MA, Computer Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology Sales & Repair Services, Professional Consulting Services, and Managed Technology Services for companies located in the SouthCoast, South Shore, and upper Cape Cod Areas of Massachusetts. Our experienced technicians & motivated staff continue to excel to provide exceptional service with exceptional value for all your computing needs.

Computer Solutions, is committed to the customer experience, and delivering the highest standards of reliability and quality with all of our service and products.

Computer Solutions is expressly focused on the needs of small sized companies, and brings two unique capabilities: an enterprise perspective, and a vision of how technology is transforming for small business. The management team at Computer Solutions, is unique in that its members have come from local consulting organizations and internal corporate Information Technology departments to delivering enterprise services to users and organizations across industries. Our management team has the further quality that each of us has a personal interest in working with small businesses, and we have invested a number of years toward learning how to adapt an enterprise approach to our clients. Our experience has been that our approach is very well received and appreciated by our clients.

Our coverage includes the SouthCoast, South Shore and Upper Cape Cod area.